Australian Housing

It’s easy to get caught up in all the hoopla when it comes to Australian housing.

It’s easy to be concerned about Australian housing prices, which for years seemed to just climb higher and higher with no sign of stopping.

It’s easy to panic when we see that climb begin to reverse.

It’s also easy to make a stupid mistake, or pass on a perfect opportunity, if you don’t know the facts.

That’s what the team at Markets & Money are here for.

A brief History of Australian Housing

From the 1990s, when property prices freakishly increased higher than inflation, we’ve seen prices steadily soar.

But it got even weirder than that.

In the late 2000s, property markets all over the world were crashing left, right and centre. The GFC had stomped over houses across the globe. And yet…

Australia’s housing market continued to rise.

Unfortunately, our wages were not.

So it isn’t surprising that, in 2016, Australian households took the record for the most over-indebted households in the world.

Needless to say, we weren’t celebrating.

Sydney and Melbourne are becoming part of the most expensive property markets in the world. 800,000 of those over-indebted homes sit in one of these two cities.

Do the recent price pullbacks represent a market correcting itself and becoming more rational? Will the right time to buy come around again soon? These are the questions your editors will seek to answer in the articles on this page.

How You Can Read the State of Australian Property

One way to get to the real story is to follow listed companies that are tied to the Australian housing market.

If housing is indeed stretched, then the first signs of stress could show in these companies as softening demand. And that softening demand will show up in the company price chart.

But if stocks in this sector are mostly making new highs, it means company revenues are growing. Thus, Aussie housing likely still has steam to run.

It’s our job here to give you the updates on these listed companies.

The latest news on the Australian Housing Market

At Markets & Money we keep a close eye on these indicators.

And we will let you know exactly what the outlook is for the Aussie housing market.

With updates daily, we’ll always seek to give you the best information available, to make better-informed decisions.

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