Australian Housing

Unlike the mainstream media, we dig behind the shrill bleating of the real estate spruikers to show you what’s really driving Australian housing and Aussie house prices.

From calling out the vested interests, analysing the latest memos from the RBA and dissecting key real estate figures, we make sure you’re as up to date as possible on Australia’s favourite asset.

All you need to know on the Australian property market

If you’re thinking of building, buying, or investing in Australian property, find out what you need to know right here.

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Why Australian Property Can Go MUCH Higher
Terence Duffy explains exactly where Aussie property is in the 18-year cycle…why those predicting a crash this year will be proven wrong again…and why Phil Anderson will likely be proven right once more…
The Other Great Bubble
Barely a day goes by without yet another call for the great Australian property ‘bubble’ to burst. Of course, not everyone thinks it’s a bubble. They’ll happily cite all those who have been wrong so far. And even if the …
Property Market Gap
There Is No Aussie Housing Affordability Crisis
Today’s Markets & Money comes to you with a problem that doesn’t need fixing. We’re referring to Australia’s ‘phantom’ housing affordability crisis. Where’s all this housing affordability crisis talk coming from? From the government-homeowner tag team, of course. Landowners are calling all the shots. And they have their government foot soldiers supporting them every step of the way.
This Is Definitely the Top
It can’t go on… I’m talking about Australia’s national obsession: house prices. And another week brings another prediction about their inevitable demise.