Australian Housing

It’s easy to get caught up in all the hoopla when it comes to Australian housing.

Is it in a bubble? Ready for collapse? Or can it even go higher?

How You Can Read the State of Australian Property

One way to get to the real story is to follow listed companies that are tied to the Australian housing market.

If housing is stretched then the first signs of stress will show up there as softening demand. And that softening demand will show up in the company price chart. Guaranteed!

But if stocks in this sector are mostly making new highs, that tells you company revenues are growing. That also tells you that Aussie housing still has steam to run.

The latest news on the Australian Housing Market

This is one way to disentangle yourself from all the misinformation about the state of Australian housing. At Markets & Money we keep a close eye on these indicators. And we let you know exactly what the outlook is for the Aussie housing market.


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