Australian Share Market

The Australian share market is big. It’s $1.5 trillion big. And it continues to move daily. The ASX houses some of the world’s leading resource, finance and technology companies. Companies like BHP Billiton Ltd [ASX:BHP], Commonwealth Bank of Australia Ltd [ASX:CBA] and CSL Ltd [ASX:CSL].

That’s not to say you can’t find smaller growth opportunities as well. These are the stocks that could make you rich in a matter of months.

Here, we’ll bring you the breaking news from all the corners of the Australian share market. Want know now if the market is overvalued? Curious which stocks look good and which ones you should avoid?

You’ll find all the answers here.

The risk of not knowing the latest Australian Share Market news

We believe the Australian share market is an amazing place to invest your money. However, doing so blindly can lead to unnecessary mistakes. We’re big advocators of investing in what you know. That’s why we aim to give you important details in bit size chunks.

We’ll tell you what’s been talked about in the mainstream media, and everything else they’ve missed.

Sometimes it’s good to hold cash. Sometimes it’s wise to hold stocks. Whether you’re an investing novice or a stock market genius, we strive to help you become a better investor.

You own stocks you don’t know about

Even if you don’t think you own Aussie shares, you probably already do. In Australia, everyone who has super owns some Australian shares. That’s why we believe it’s important to stay up to date, even if you don’t have any active investments.

Even if you’re not thinking about investing immediately, here we’ll keep you in the loop so that, when you do decide to jump in, you’ll know exactly what to do.


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Why We Shouldn’t Let the Passive Investing Rise
Passive investing is when you simply buy an index fund or exchanged traded funds. The fees are lower and this strategy tends to outperform many active managers. And because the market has been on such a hot streak recently, many active managers have been left in the dust. 
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Why You Shouldn’t Emulate Institutional Investors
These institutional investors have multiple degrees and years’ worth of experience. They really are smart, make no mistake. However in some respects, they have to face headwinds like size. And of course they’re all still human…I think, which means they also make mistakes.
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Bargain Buyers Jump On Telstra Shares
Telstra climbed up 3.2% today. Yet, the gain did little to soften its 27% decline year-to-date. Let’s face it, unless you bought Telstra in 2011, the stock hasn’t been a good investment, encouraging many investors to hang on to their dividend.
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Don’t Get Caught Chasing Yield
Remember when you could earn more than 10% on government bonds? Yeah, neither do I. However, for almost a decade, from 1980 to mid-1989, the Aussie 10-year bond was trading at such a yield.
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Boring Investment Advice For Exciting Times
Overbought, overhyped and overvalued markets represent a serious threat to your investments and wealth. Life would be so much easier if excessive reward was risk free…but that’s not how life works.
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Why Cobalt’s Run Is Done…
It drifted sideways for some time, and is now starting to move slightly higher. Yet, despite lots of mainstream analysts screaming ‘buy’, caution remains the best strategy with cobalt. The market hasn’t been interested in cobalt stocks since February.
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The ‘Fortescue of Nickel’
I’ve found what could be the next FMG; albeit the nickel version. Many people laughed at me for recommending this stock to readers. But that’s their loss. The stock is up nearly 100% from a few weeks ago...