Australian Share Market

The Australian share market is big. It’s $1.5 trillion big. And it continues to move daily. The ASX houses some of the world’s leading resource, finance and technology companies. Companies like BHP Billiton Ltd [ASX:BHP], Commonwealth Bank of Australia Ltd [ASX:CBA] and CSL Ltd [ASX:CSL].

That’s not to say you can’t find smaller growth opportunities as well. These are the stocks that could make you rich in a matter of months.

Here, we’ll bring you the breaking news from all the corners of the Australian share market. Want know now if the market is overvalued? Curious which stocks look good and which ones you should avoid?

You’ll find all the answers here.

The risk of not knowing the latest Australian Share Market news

We believe the Australian share market is an amazing place to invest your money. However, doing so blindly can lead to unnecessary mistakes. We’re big advocators of investing in what you know. That’s why we aim to give you important details in bit size chunks.

We’ll tell you what’s been talked about in the mainstream media, and everything else they’ve missed.

Sometimes it’s good to hold cash. Sometimes it’s wise to hold stocks. Whether you’re an investing novice or a stock market genius, we strive to help you become a better investor.

You own stocks you don’t know about

Even if you don’t think you own Aussie shares, you probably already do. In Australia, everyone who has super owns some Australian shares. That’s why we believe it’s important to stay up to date, even if you don’t have any active investments.

Even if you’re not thinking about investing immediately, here we’ll keep you in the loop so that, when you do decide to jump in, you’ll know exactly what to do.


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investing for growth
Investing Tip: Take Yourself Out of the Box
We are not robots — and because many of us want both growth and value — many stock portfolios bear little resemblance to the way we are supposed to invest. For those of us looking for income out of the stock market, it can be a trap to worry too much about investing styles.
market cycle....beware
Beware the Second Half of the Market Cycle
The warning signals are being sounded on this extended period of excess and manipulation. We’re on the cusp of a seasonal change in market conditions…clear blue sunny skies are going to give way to a very long and very bleak winter.
markets going down
Better Never than Late
The pundits all tell us the market is only going higher from here. Let’s celebrate. Have another drink. She’ll be right mate. The GFC may well have been put to rest. However, I think GFC Mark II is beginning to stir…and this is going to be one angry bear with a very sore head.
aussie market
Where Are the Exits?
Investors simply aren’t worried about anything. Which means the market isn’t priced for any kind of worrying event. When you get such pervasive optimism, it is indeed a time to be worried.
Myer MYR
Myer and the King of Retail
Last week, Myer chief executive Richard Umbers announced to the market that same-store sales fell 2.1% in the first quarter of this financial year. Two years into Myer’s much hyped ‘turnaround’ strategy, things aren’t looking good. But Umbers only had more bad news for the market.
investing in blockchain
Ditching Blue Chips for Computer Chips
When you whack money into blue-chip companies on the ASX, you’re pretty much buying the exact same shares as everyone else in Australia — banks, miners, telcos supermarkets and insurance companies. Snore. However, some incredible small start-ups are so tiny that you might miss them.
Australian financial markets
‘Big Five’ Driving the US Market Higher
Helping the US market move higher is the fact that we find ourselves watching their third-quarter earnings season unfold. Much last like the previous quarter, companies are reporting positive results, taking both the Dow Jones and S&P 500 higher.
boom market
Why the Boom Times Could Be Returning
For our heavily weighted mining and banking based stock market, there’s been no real tailwinds to really drive the general index along. Thankfully this could be set to change…