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We get behind the buzz and hype of the advocates, speculators and promoters to make sure you’re fully aware of the risks and opportunities. No investor can afford to ignore the developments from this disruptive technology. To see the potential impact on industry and your everyday life, browse the stories below.

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bitcoin futures
Could Bitcoin Futures Crash the Price?
Bitcoin futures started trading yesterday morning on an exchange run by Cboe Global Markets Inc. The larger CME Group will launch its own bitcoin futures trading next week. How will this impact the market?
stock market trading
The Quest for Trading Truth
Trading sounds hard to a lot of people. Professionals devise complicated algorithms, computerised models with thousands of inputs, or they work on charts with different indicators feeding into a complex buying or selling processes. Here’s the truth: Markets are actually not hard to understand.
blockchain technology being used in humanitarian aid
Why Blockchain Is the Future of Humanitarian Aid
Amongst the hustle and bustle of the Azraq refugee camp, a blockchain revolution is brewing. For months, aid payments had been delivered to refugees via banking middlemen. Due to the remoteness of the camp, the transaction fees were high, the transfers slow, and the delivery unreliable. But no longer.
bitcoin futures market
Place Your Bets on the Future of Money
The future of money is here. And global markets are getting ready to place their bets. This Sunday, bitcoin’s legitimacy will soar to a new level. The CBOE Group Inc. launches the first cryptocurrency futures contract on Sunday night. The bitcoin market is about to get a whole more interesting.
bitcoin boom
Are You Ready for the $5 Trillion Bitcoin Boom?
Sunday, 10 December. Make a note of that day in your diary now. Why? Something big is happening on that day. CBOE Global Markets Inc. will become the first exchange in the world to offer futures on cryptocurrencies. The largest futures exchange in the world, the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, will make its debut a week later on 18 December. You know what this tells you? The big money has found its way into cryptos.
Bitcoin — Even Grandma Is In
Tellingly, nothing is going up like nothing itself… Bitcoin, that is. It’s up tenfold this year. ‘Even Grandma Is In,’ revealed another WSJ headline last week. Gee, who’s left to get in? We wonder. Crazy is what it is. But these are wild and crazy times. And of course, this is just the beginning of the craziness.
Gold stocks
Is Gold Losing Its Shine to Bitcoin?
Gold has barely reacted to any of the global tensions of late. Bitcoin, on the other hand, has stolen the spotlight. Perhaps it’s become the ‘new’ gold? I doubt it. I’m not concerned about gold’s future. I still believe it will go higher when the time is right. That could happen sooner rather than later.
Slapstick Comedy for the Bubble Epoch
We regard bitcoin not as an asset class…but as an entertainment class. Slapstick comedy for the Bubble Epoch. It’s fun to watch. But don’t forget to duck when they start throwing pies.
bitcoin locked up
Why You Should Like What Bankers Don’t…
The modern system relies on trusting a third-party. That third-party is a central bank or government. Central bankers believe they can engineer asset-price inflation. That is, how much the value of assets goes up. If they control money, they can decide what it’s worth. Cryptocurrencies flip that idea around.
The Bitcoin Graph Paints a Thousand Words
I’m just waiting for the crypto launch that — in addition to its run-of-the-mill magical powers — also promises a cure for cancer or can endow the Donald with humility. Why not? Cryptos can do just about everything else!? Seriously, what a con. There are no earnings. There are no assets. There’s nothing…other than blind belief.
bitcoin disrupting daily news
Bitcoin Disrupts More Than Your Daily News
With only a month left in the year, it seems bitcoin and other cryptos don’t have any intention of putting on the brakes. And after all the insane gains and volatile movements of 2017, we are left with two extremely polarised streams of thought.
Why Are the Homes of the Elite So Ugly?
What you get is a $16 million pile in Arizona and a huge palace for $45 million in Santa Barbara. One rich man builds; another buys. They advertise their wealth and bad taste simultaneously.
Does Making Money Make You Dumb?
If the point of life is to learn, what have we learned? Not much. Bitcoin goes up. No one knows why. Or suppose the point of life is to do good…by adding to the world’s wealth. What does bitcoin add? Not a penny.
blockchain technology
With Blockchain, You Can Fire Your Accountant
Of course, there are industries that will always require people to function. However, your accountant may want to start looking over their shoulder. And your lawyer too. Why? The blockchain is a digital record of events. It makes it easier to identify factual information.