Why Blockchains Will Eat the World
Just like the railways revolutionised the movement of people and goods, blockchains will revolutionise the movement of data. Until now, any transfer of value required a middleman. This one simple change — cutting out the middleman — opens up possibilities no one thought possible.
Why Bitcoin Is Better Than Cash at the Bank
We are caught up in a fiat currency system; where governments determine the value of your money, the banks and the government can do what they like. Whereas with bitcoin, banks can’t do what they like. And governments can’t control the value of the cryptocurrency either.
crude oil price
The Midnight Oil Can’t Be Burnt Forever
Globally, we consume around 96 million barrels of oil every day. At this rate, worldwide reserves are estimated to dry up by 2039. Not far off at all. It’s the delicate balance of supply and demand that makes the crude oil price one of the best economic indicators. And for the past two years, it has been soaring.
bitcoin makes new friend
Bitcoin Makes a Surprising New Friend
In spite of a few days of attention-grabbing headlines, bitcoin has bounced bank and traders in China are as active as ever. Even though Jamie Dimon claims bitcoin is fraudulent, the crypto has found an unlikely friend over at the International Monetary Fund (IMF).
big data technology
Big Data Is the New Battleground
We have entered the new era of big data. A massive increase in the volume and speed of information that is stored, recorded, processed and analysed. There are three types of companies that you should investigate in order to potentially make money through data-led investments.
The Calm in the Crypto Storm
Should this bill pass into law, the market for crypto mining could skyrocket. So even if you’re not thrilled at the idea of spending thousands on a single bitcoin, if you follow the crypto trail, there is still plenty to be excited about.
bitcoin belief
What Bitcoin and Scientology Have in Common
Are people really and truly believing that blockchain is ‘it’. That some child genius, who knows no barriers, won’t be able to create something better…ever? And therein lies the common thread that scientologists have with crypto buyers: unquestioned belief.
angry banker
Why Bankers Don’t Like Bitcoin
Bankers feel threatened by disruptive currencies like bitcoin. And so they should be. Cryptocurrencies will do to the financial system what the internet did to the media. People will be able to choose another form of money that is beyond the government’s control.
The Bitcoin Battle
In one corner, we have the countries actively trying to integrate the alternative currency into their economy. In the other corner, there are the heavy-handed tactics being used to shut down cryptocurrencies.
Why China Won’t Ban ICOs Forever
Why China Won’t Ban ICOs Forever
An ICO is a form of funding start-up that companies are beginning to turn to. On Monday, word filtered through markets that the Chinese government had declared all initial coin offerings (ICOs) illegal. China just needs to work out how ICOs can benefit them.
The End of Bitcoin?
The End of Bitcoin?
The biggest win-lose deals are those forced upon us by the federales. Yesterday, the Chinese authorities acted on their much-anticipated crackdown on cryptocurrencies by banning ‘initial coin offerings,’ or ICOs.
Cryptocurrencies: Revolution or Scam?
What bothers me most about this isn’t the lack of regulators or exchanges involved. It’s pointing out that digital tokens are created from ‘thin air’. While that’s true, the mainstream doesn’t bother to point this out about banks.