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Dow 50,000? Why Not?!
Yes, reflation is coming. And yes, this is an economy that can’t tolerate higher inflation/interest rates. Then with no debt ceiling over Congress…and no hold-the-line president in the White House — the sky’s the limit. Dow 50,000! Why not?!
US Dollar no longer powerful
Don’t Want US Dollars? Neither Does China…
The US dollar may no longer be at the centre of the fiat currency system. China is slowly preparing the world for a time when the US dollar isn’t the heartbeat of the financial system. And it will have catastrophic consequences for the greenback.
Australian interest rates
ANZ Economist Predicts Aussie Interest Rate Rise
For a while now, I’ve been convinced the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) wouldn’t increase interest rates any time soon. My reasoning is based on low income growth, households drowning in debt, and inflation showing little sign of hitting targets of 2–3%.
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Will the Fed’s Stubbornness Cause a Collapse?
In 2017, the US Federal Reserve has lifted interest rates twice. Stronger employment is their argument to end their decade long bond buying rampage. However, while employment in the US continues to strengthen, inflation remains stubbornly low.
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Can the US Fed get out of this one?
The US Federal Reserve has left the interest rates unchanged at 1% to 1.25%. No surprise there. The thing is, there is something not quite right in the US economy, so the Fed is hesitant to make any sudden moves.
US economy down
The US Economy Is Dead in the Water
Over the next 10 years, the US government is on course to spend $10 trillion it doesn’t have. It has also committed to a further $80 trillion in entitlements for which it has no known source. The only thing that may help the economy now is a major tax reform. But that is almost impossible…
america broken economy
America Is Going Broke…and Nobody Cares
Now, there is more debt than ever. The same people who caused the crisis are still running the banks, the regulatory agencies, the corporations, and all the other institutions that made the crisis possible. We’re going broke…and no one cares.
Australian interest rates
Profiting in a Low Interest Rate Environment
RBA released the minutes of their 5 September Monetary Policy Meeting. Various members of the RBA discussed topics ranging from employment to wage growth and housing activity, and what these could mean for interest rates going forward.
doomsday economy
Doom Index Issues ‘Extreme Warning’
This year, total household debt in the US rose to $12.7 trillion — surpassing its 2008 peak. That’s the amount of stuff consumed, credit cards maxed out, and vacations enjoyed — on credit above and beyond savings.
No Stopping Washington’s Debt Bomb Express
No Stopping Washington’s Debt Bomb Express
The US is an empire that runs on debt. Nobody wants to stand between the Deep State and the money it needs. And now that the flood has begun, the next stage of the great wingy-dingy hullabaloo can begin, too.
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Why Bankers Don’t Like Bitcoin
Bankers feel threatened by disruptive currencies like bitcoin. And so they should be. Cryptocurrencies will do to the financial system what the internet did to the media. People will be able to choose another form of money that is beyond the government’s control.