Debt & Deficits

Politicians aren’t just content stealing (‘taxing’) your wealth, they like to steal the next generation’s as well thanks to deficit financing.

We like to keep track too of how Australia’s pollies bribe today’s voters with your money. We love dearly to win as much as those tax dollars back as we can for you.We also make sure you’re aware of the escalating debt around the world and how this impacts on interest rates, currencies and share markets.

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The Inflation Squeeze Is On
It’s taken longer than I thought for the inflation squeeze to work its way into mainstream consciousness. But it’s now making regular headlines.
pension fund crisis
Right Prediction…Wrong Headline…Shorter Timeframe
‘It’s tough to make predictions, especially about the future.’ – Yogi Berra When you’re in the predicting business, you really do appreciate the irony in that quote. However, there are times when some predictions are far easier to make than …
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An Inconvenient Truth
The inconvenient truth for most people is that the lifestyle they’ve been led to believe they’re entitled to has been a lie.
Yellen Against the Gods
Yellen Against the Gods
Ms Yellen says banks are better regulated and less likely to fail in a crisis. But latest tests show bank vulnerability to credit card debt has increased.