The Americas

After the outset of the 2008 Global Financial Crisis in the United States, we saw growth diminish throughout both American continents.

Recovery has been all but speedy.

With every new US presidency comes new investment strategies, new taxation policies, new resources to find and sell…

As such, the adjusting economy will always have its highs and lows.

The Trouble with America

President Donald Trump’s hasty pursuits have undoubtably increased unpredictability in the global economy. The hefty tariffs levied on goods under his name have understandably lead to heightened trade tension across the globe.

Trump’s material tariffs, a purported matter of national security, were classified as illegal by integral allies including the EU, Canada and Mexico.

Moreover, these tariffs may increase inflation, pushing American consumers into more debt — a key sign of economic failure.

Choices can lead to conflict…and possibly catastrophe.

Sure, the US has made progress. There has been growth. They’ve rebuilt from the destruction of 2008. But this growth is expected to peak soon. And the reduced taxation and greater spending is foreshadowing danger from as near as 2020.

However, seeing as America still holds — albeit, barely — first place in the ladder of national GDP, they must be doing something right…

America’s Blessing

Despite a rise in interest rates, the high employment rate is promising, hovering around 96%. More workers are likely to be drawn into the workforce as labour conditions tighten further.

That’s definitely bright news from an economic point of view. Historically, a tighter labour market has led to larger wage gains for workers.

Higher employment and pay means higher spending…which means higher demand…for more goods and services…

Which creates a business environment ripe for investment.

And investment in the Americas is definitely in high gear, as companies expand traditional industries such as resource-excavation in South America, while diving into more unique ventures — think ‘pot-stocks’ and new technology start-ups.

An America of the Future

Yes, from more traditional financial products to the innovative inventions of Silicon Valley, America has got it covered.

They understand — and aim to meet — the very insistent demands of our current, fast-paced society.

And they’re willing to take you on board, so long as you keep up with the pace.

To ensure you are well informed, scroll down and check out all our articles discussing America’s ever-changing market.

With new articles daily, we’ll make sure you catch every possible opportunity this continent has to offer.

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