US Economy

In 2007, the Global Financial Crisis hit, and it saw the US fall into a recession, that saw some calling it a depression.

The Great Recession lasted for 18 months, from December 2007 to June 2009. In the nine years since then, the US have kept their title of holding the largest economy in the world.

Another GFC On The Way?

It has enormous influence over the direction of financial markets and your investments. But will its trillion dollars in government debt prove the end of the Empire? Or can resurgent industries like technology and energy put America back on the front foot?

Is this the beginning of the next GFC? And if it is, Australia could be affected enormously this time around.

But we’ll leave it to you to make up your own mind after reading from this diverse group of analysts.

How the Feds Wasted $5 Trillion

Meanwhile, the US is going broke. Deficits doubled in the last two years. Between the anvil of rising entitlements and the hammer of rising Pentagon spending, US finances are being beaten hard.

The End Game for Trump & Gold

The witch hunt against Donald Trump is unlikely to die down. So, despite the current weakness in the gold price, if the witch hunt heats up, history could repeat and gold could slingshot higher.

Trump Will Claim Victory

In the real world, the trade imbalance with China can’t be negotiated away. China makes cheaper, more competitive products. That wouldn’t change, even if trade barriers — including NTBs (non-tariff barriers) — were eliminated completely.

What Trump Will Say at the G20

Tomorrow, we will discover that it didn’t really matter so much after all. Yes, a deal will most likely be made. Mr Trump may or may not be a stable genius, but he’s no fool.…

Stagflation, Here We Come!

You may recall that ‘stagflation’ was thought to be impossible. The Phillips Curve suggested that inflation drove employment. That’s why the feds pursue a 2% inflation target rather than a 0% inflation target.

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