US Economy

Even after five years of crisis, recession — some even say depression — this US economy is still the largest in the world.

It has enormous influence over the direction of financial markets and your investments. But will its trillion dollars in government debt prove the end of the Empire? Or can resurgent industries like technology and energy put America back on the front foot?

We’ll leave it to you to make up your own mind after reading from this diverse group of analysts.

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  • US Economy
  • bitcoin cryptocurrency
    Bitcoin: Just a Game
    This territory might be uncharted, but it feels familiar: boom…bubble…bust. The pattern applies to many things, empires as well as markets.
    GOP tax bill
    The GOP Tax Bill Is a Deep State Scam
    With Mr Trump in the White House…Congress in session…the ‘Eye in the Sky’ of 17 spook organisations…three generals at Mr Trump’s right hand…and Janet Yellen and her merry band of crack economists on his left...what’s to worry about?
    interest rates Australia
    Why a Rise in Interest Rates Won’t Mean Much
    It’s definitely possible that the US and even Australia could lift interest rates in the future. This would cause bond prices to drop and the supply of money to contract. But even if rates were to rise 1%, rates across the developed world would still be extremely low.
    cryptos and the upside it brings
    An Upside to Cryptos You Haven’t Considered
    There is something strange afoot in the markets. I couldn’t tell you what it is. But markets are screaming ahead with no real reason as to why they should be. On the flip side, the crypto market is still only worth US$200 billion. It turns out the ‘big boys in the bubble’ can’t touch it yet. But you can.
    Slapstick Comedy for the Bubble Epoch
    We regard bitcoin not as an asset class…but as an entertainment class. Slapstick comedy for the Bubble Epoch. It’s fun to watch. But don’t forget to duck when they start throwing pies.
    goldman sachs
    Goldman Sachs Blunt Warning
    One of the world’s biggest investment banks is worried about the US economy. And the stock market is their biggest concern. Goldman says stocks are at their highest valuation since 1900.
    US economy not as good as it looks
    This Is Going to Get Real Ugly
    When you throw trillions of freshly-minted dollars at an economy, you’d expect a bounce in the tax take. That’s exactly what happened after 2009. But the chart shows us that something is different this time.
    technology investment top 10 US companies
    What America’s Top 10 Companies Say about the Future
    A hundred years ago, the biggest businesses in the US were involved in the steel and oil industries. And then we come to today. The five biggest companies by market cap in the US are all tech firms, with three major banks rounding out the top 10. This tells you something important.
    tax cuts
    Tax Cuts for the Rich…Hallelujah!
    This new tax scheme doesn’t reduce US government spending by one penny. Ultimately, the money they spend has to come from the productive economy; there’s nowhere else to get it. But why should giving the rich more money stimulate output? Are they having trouble making ends meet? Do they lack capital?
    Donald Trump US economy
    One of the Funniest Shows in Modern Capitalism
    President Trump brought in a new team a year ago. Some thought he would run the Old Establishment out of Washington. They expected him to turn the tables on the insiders…and Make America Great Again. It didn’t happen. Instead, Mr Trump joined the Deep State so fast, it looked like the fix was in from the get-go.
    markets going down
    Better Never than Late
    The pundits all tell us the market is only going higher from here. Let’s celebrate. Have another drink. She’ll be right mate. The GFC may well have been put to rest. However, I think GFC Mark II is beginning to stir…and this is going to be one angry bear with a very sore head.
    Trump Makes Swamp Critter New Fed Chief
    If you run over a pedestrian in Washington, DC, it might be wise to keep going. Because the person under your bumper could be a swamp rat. In fact, it could be Jerome Powell, whom President Trump just chose to replace Janet Yellen at the Fed.