Chinese Economy

For the last 20 years China has been the fastest growing economy in the world. With an average annual growth rate of 10%, its meteoric rise has been impressive. It is estimated that by 2030 — maybe even earlier — it will overtake the United States as the world´s largest economy.

China’s Economy Forecast

Still, China’s economy is slowing. There are concerns that its wild housing market is in a bubble, and that companies are massively indebted. This is fueling doubts on China keeping the boom going for longer.
During its rise, China has managed to lift 500 million people out of poverty, creating an emerging middle class with increasing purchasing power. Its large economy is morphing from a manufacturing economy to a service orientated economy. With a large population and an exploding middle class hungry for new services, there are still plenty of opportunities to be had in China.

China Economy Impact on Australian Economy

China is the big powerhouse fuelling Australia’s economy. Will it keep booming? Will it collapse? What are the best investment opportunities coming out of China? And how will this affect Australia and your wealth? Find out here.

US Dollar no longer powerful
Don’t Want US Dollars? Neither Does China…
The US dollar may no longer be at the centre of the fiat currency system. China is slowly preparing the world for a time when the US dollar isn’t the heartbeat of the financial system. And it will have catastrophic consequences for the greenback.
The Bitcoin Battle
In one corner, we have the countries actively trying to integrate the alternative currency into their economy. In the other corner, there are the heavy-handed tactics being used to shut down cryptocurrencies.
And China — the same country that became the poster child for cheap labour — is the leader of this new technological age.
China’s Robot Army for World Domination
Historians will decide exactly when the fourth industrial revolution began. Nonetheless, the impact of this technological revolution we are at the beginning of will have wide-ranging repercussions on economic growth around the world.