Stock Market

The investment industry actively promotes the mantra, ‘In the long term shares always go up’.

At Markets & Money, we take that with a few grains of salt. The truth is, your returns in the stock market depend on many factors. Such as your definition of long term. Or which of the world’s stock markets you’ve invested into. And importantly, your returns depend on your stock selection and timing.

Whether the shares are a good or bad investment depends on when and what market you invest in. By this we do not mean trying to pick the top or the bottom of the market to be all in or all out.

The stock market can be an excellent investment provided you avoid the investment industry’s group think and inherent self-interest. Our aim in Markets & Money is to help you learn to do this for yourself.

The latest stock market news

We put the pieces together every day to give you our accurate, informative take on what the signals indicate is happening with stocks and your investments.

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market cycle....beware
Beware the Second Half of the Market Cycle
The warning signals are being sounded on this extended period of excess and manipulation. We’re on the cusp of a seasonal change in market conditions…clear blue sunny skies are going to give way to a very long and very bleak winter.
markets going down
Better Never than Late
The pundits all tell us the market is only going higher from here. Let’s celebrate. Have another drink. She’ll be right mate. The GFC may well have been put to rest. However, I think GFC Mark II is beginning to stir…and this is going to be one angry bear with a very sore head.
commodities stocks
Better than Winning the Melbourne Cup
You could still make a fortune. Not from horse racing. But from buying the right stocks in the right sector. I’m not talking about bitcoin or technology either. I’m talking about commodities — the flavour of the month.
aussie market
Where Are the Exits?
Investors simply aren’t worried about anything. Which means the market isn’t priced for any kind of worrying event. When you get such pervasive optimism, it is indeed a time to be worried.
The World’s Favourite Stock Is Doomed
Although Amazon has grown in value…has its founder and chief finally managed to float some real profits downriver? There is something about the Amazon phenomenon that is truly remarkable — like a plant that needs no light…or a mammal that needs no air.
Gold price rise
Gold Mining Stocks Are Up
Gold prices rose slightly as US President, Donald Trump elected Jerome Powell as US Federal Reserve chair. As long as the US Senate confirms his appointment, he will be replacing Janet Yellen next February.
How to Make Your Accountant Wince
The good thing about the stock market, however, is that you can grow your wealth without having to keep tipping in your own money. One way you can do this is through a dividend reinvestment plan.
Australian financial markets
‘Big Five’ Driving the US Market Higher
Helping the US market move higher is the fact that we find ourselves watching their third-quarter earnings season unfold. Much last like the previous quarter, companies are reporting positive results, taking both the Dow Jones and S&P 500 higher.
boom market
Why the Boom Times Could Be Returning
For our heavily weighted mining and banking based stock market, there’s been no real tailwinds to really drive the general index along. Thankfully this could be set to change…
blockchain technology around the globe
A World ‘Beyond Bitcoin’ Starts Today
These moments don’t come along very often. But when they do, that’s when exponential returns happen. For the prepared, the informed and the brave. Let me go over one example happening right now.