Stock Market

The investment industry actively promotes the mantra, ‘In the long term shares always go up’.

At Markets & Money, we take that with a few grains of salt. The truth is, your returns in the stock market depend on many factors. Such as your definition of long term. Or which of the world’s stock markets you’ve invested into. And importantly, your returns depend on your stock selection and timing.

Whether the shares are a good or bad investment depends on when and what market you invest in. By this we do not mean trying to pick the top or the bottom of the market to be all in or all out.

The stock market can be an excellent investment provided you avoid the investment industry’s group think and inherent self-interest. Our aim in Markets & Money is to help you learn to do this for yourself.

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US market set to go higher in 2018
Why The US Market is Set To Go Even Higher in 2018
Economic data coming out of the US suggests the economy is robust. And the weak US dollar is good news for US companies. The point is, on paper, and with rubbery numbers, the US economy looks to be in good health. With that in mind, what can we expect from US markets this year?
stocks in decline
Stocks Could Fall 80% from Here
Stocks keep going up…and more and more investors, getting in the mood, think they will go up forever. The last time we saw anything comparable was at the end of the 1990s. Then, it was the tech-heavy NASDAQ that had caught fire. But then, when there was no more furniture to throw onto the fire, it quickly went cold.
airline stocks
Airlines to Enter Another Bad Century?
Some would tell you to go into the airline industry. It’s extremely competitive. Travelers usually pick their flights based on price. So for many air carriers, it’s a race to operate at the cheapest price possible.
markets in 2017
What Did You Learn From The Market in 2017?
While I was bullish at the start of 2017, I’m not as bullish now based on fundamental factors. But I want to stress that I’m not expecting a market collapse. I think you’ll see stocks fluctuate a lot more in 2018 than they did in 2017.
sectors that could boom in 2018
Three Sectors That Could Boom in 2018
With the Trump tax cuts likely to prop up confidence and the US economy, I think you should have at least a part of your portfolio in some speculative sectors. If the bull market does run through 2018, you want to make sure you’re making hay while the sun still shines.
stocks in decline
The Thing That Could Really Bring This Market to an End
As revellers sip champagne and take in the fireworks, there will be one group of people for whom the end of the year won’t come soon enough. While everyone else is reflecting on the year gone by — and making plans for the next — this group will be ruminating on the decade gone by.
hedge funds
Is This the End for Hedge Funds?
Are hedge funds now outdated? Many managers struggle to match the market’s returns long-term, let alone beat it. They charge exorbitant fees, adding to their underperformance.
stock market trading
The Quest for Trading Truth
Trading sounds hard to a lot of people. Professionals devise complicated algorithms, computerised models with thousands of inputs, or they work on charts with different indicators feeding into a complex buying or selling processes. Here’s the truth: Markets are actually not hard to understand.
investing for growth
Investing Tip: Take Yourself Out of the Box
We are not robots — and because many of us want both growth and value — many stock portfolios bear little resemblance to the way we are supposed to invest. For those of us looking for income out of the stock market, it can be a trap to worry too much about investing styles.