Gold & Precious Metals

Why buy gold?

Isn’t it just a shiny rock that sits there? What purpose does gold have? Couldn’t you better spend that money on and investment that actually pays a yield?

Gold is the ultimate fear investment. When the market panics, gold rises. When inflation looks to be rising, gold tends to increase with it.

Gold is the ultimate form of wealth protection. Here’s why.

The yellow metal acts as a hedge for your portfolio. Gold tends to hold its value through periods of uncertainty.

We are 40 years into a fiat monetary experiment. Yet gold has had a place in people’s homes for over five thousand years. Furthermore, the price of gold continues to be revalued as the total value of money in circulation grows.

The yellow stuff protects your wealth during periods of inflation. And maintains its purchasing power during deflationary periods.

Each economic crisis sees gold push to a new high.

Here, you’ll find all our articles about gold, and how the metal can help you protect and grow your portfolio over the years to come.

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