Gold & Precious Metals

It was the metal that essentially put this country on the map, back in the 1850s.

They called it a ‘gold rush’, claiming that striking a large enough nugget would lead to unimaginable fortune.

Back then, you needed a pick, some strong hands, and unwavering determination to get your hands on this precious substance.

Now, it’s as easy as clicking a button.

But is it worth it?

Does Gold Last?

Isn’t it just a shiny rock that sits there? What purpose does it have? Other than making rings that symbolise getting hitched, of course.

Is it even that valuable anymore?

These are all reasonable questions.

Gold is the ultimate fear investment. When the market panics, gold rises. When inflation looks to be rising, gold tends to increase with it.

Investors have certainly backed off the gold train recently, and for good reason. Its value isn’t moving much. It’s been at a plateau for longer than any investor would like.

But a bullish rise in gold value could be just around the corner.

Because the world is sure to experience some intense inflation in the near future.

With the ridiculous position of the US dollar due to an increased money supply and an even larger sovereign debt, a looming major war breakout in the Middle East, and an anti-establishment party movement across Europe…

It’s looking like the perfect investment storm, in which gold will prosper over the Wicked Witch of the share market.

Why Buy Gold?

Couldn’t you better spend that money on an investment that actually pays a yield?

And the answer is: yes, you could.

But gold is also the ultimate form of wealth protection. Here’s why.

The yellow metal acts as a hedge for your portfolio. Gold tends to hold its value through periods of uncertainty.

We’re only a few decades into a fiat monetary experiment. Yet gold has had a place in people’s homes for over five thousand years.

Moreover, the price of gold continues to be revalued as the total value of money in circulation grows.

This shiny yellow rock protects your wealth during periods of inflation and maintains its purchasing power during deflationary periods.

And each economic crisis pushes gold to a new high.

It’s the ideal safety net.

If you’re still not convinced, here you’ll find all our articles about gold, and how the metal could potentially help you protect and grow your portfolio over the years to come.

With daily updates, you’ll know exactly what this metal is doing for you at any given moment.

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