Resources & Commodities

Natural resources occur within the environment in their original and natural form, undisturbed by humanity. Natural resources come in many forms. It may be a solid, liquid or gas. It may be organic or inorganic. It may also be metallic or non-metallic. It may be renewable or non-renewable. That said, our editors analyse minerals (gold, copper, iron ore, oil and gas etc.) where you can make money. For that reason, you’re guaranteed to hear about the hottest news affecting commodities around the world.

Remember, with the exception of the air you breathe, everything you use in your daily life is made from commodities that are either grown or mined. The chair you are sitting on, the computer terminal you are viewing, the fiber optic cable bringing you this feed — all are products of agriculture or mining, the most basic of all industries.

Resource & Commodity Price Updates

There’s a lot to love about the resources sector. If you pick the right stock and you could make a fortune. For example, Sirius Resources was once a penny stock. In July 2012, the company hit the nickel-copper mother lode in Western Australia. That sent the share price skyrocketing from 5 cents to $2.50 by mid-2013. If you’re looking to invest in the next Sirius Resources, you have come to the right place. We provide investment advice on the hottest resource stocks, with massive potential.

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Copper price
Why You Should Become an Electrician
You may have heard it referred to as ‘Dr Copper’. That’s because the base metal is so widely utilised that some pundits use it to measure the pulse of the world economy. The copper price has surged to its highest level in six weeks.
oil price rise
Why the Oil Price Surge Is Set to Continue
Watching the price of oil is like watching the price of bitcoin. Many are asking themselves when this rally will end. It’s extremely hard to predict future prices, especially those of commodities. But you’d have to agree that if the supply of oil continues to fall, then prices should continue to increase.
oil stocks
The ‘Good’ News for ASX Oil Stocks
Pay attention to what’s happening in the Middle East. If Saudi Arabia makes another unpredictable move — one which could happen at any time — it could be good news for ASX-listed crude and oil stocks.
oil pumps across Saudi Arabia
Saudi Arabia’s Gambit to Boost Oil Prices
To break even next year, Saudi Arabia needs oil prices to stay above US$70 per barrel. I believe there’s an extremely low chance of oil prices staying above that level, let alone hitting it. That is, unless a major war breaks out in the Middle East. That’s why Saudi Arabia appears to want a bigger war in the region to drive crude prices sharply higher.
Copper price
The High Stakes in Copper’s Future
Copper prices have retreated once again. Currently, it’s down 0.8% to US$6,810 per tonne. But traders are looking to the future and in turn, the futures market. And some of the stakes are growing to extremes.
blockchain technology
When the Blockchain Takes Over
The energy industry is one of the first to commercially adapt blockchain technology on a global scale. First it was the banks chasing this tech. Now the oil and gas sector wants in.
commodities stocks
Better than Winning the Melbourne Cup
You could still make a fortune. Not from horse racing. But from buying the right stocks in the right sector. I’m not talking about bitcoin or technology either. I’m talking about commodities — the flavour of the month.