Resources & Commodities

Natural resources occur within the environment in their original and natural form, undisturbed by humanity. It is a resource that can be quite beneficial to people.

Natural resources come in many forms. It may be a solid, liquid or gas. It may be organic or inorganic. It may also be metallic or non-metallic. It may be renewable or non-renewable.

That said, our editors analyse the minerals (gold, copper, iron ore, oil and gas etc.) that could help you to potentially make money. For that reason, you’re guaranteed to hear the most up-to-date news affecting commodities around the world.

Remember, with the exception of the air you breathe, everything you use in your daily life is made from commodities that are either grown or mined. The chair you are sitting on, the computer terminal you are viewing, the fibre optic cable bringing you this feed — all are products of agriculture or mining, the most basic of all industries.

The demand for resources and commodities — apart from everyday needs such as water — fluctuates. Demand can change. The need for oil, wood, iron and coal may be needed today, but with the progress of technology, the demand for these resources may change.

Resource & Commodity Price Updates

There’s a lot to love about the resources sector. By picking the right stock, you could make a profit from an unlikely source.

For example, Sirius Resources was once a penny stock. In the last mining boom — July 2012 — the company hit the nickel-copper mother lode in Western Australia. That sent the share price skyrocketing from 5 cents to $2.50 by mid-2013.

If you’re looking to invest in the next Sirius Resources in the next mining boom, you have come to the right place. We provide investment advice on the hottest resource stocks with the greatest potential.

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