A Dear Friend of Ours Has Been Battling Cancer – and Winning!

Finally, a dear friend of ours has been battling cancer – and winning! He sends this update, relating his conversation, word for word, exactly as it happened:

“Dear Bill,

“I’m doing much better, but I’m like a billiard ball, bouncing back and forth between doctors and nurses, hospitals and clinics, echo-graphs and scanners.

“The other day I was at the clinic where I’m going to get radiotherapy. A young, pretty nurse was explaining, very nicely, the combat ahead: the area would be ‘targeted’… the doctor find the exact position on the scanner, then a ‘pet scan’ would verify it… and the doctor would validate it… then they’d hit it with radiotherapy every day for two months and then give it a dose of chemotherapy too… at the beginning and the end… then another scouting out by the scanner… followed two months later by the pet scan.

“I was very impressed by all this. So I asked:

“‘All this intervention must be very expensive; do you have any idea of how much it costs?’

“But this is France, where health care is paid for by the government.

“‘Uh… no… there isn’t any cost,’ she replied. ‘Do you want me to call a psychologist for you?'”

Bill Bonner
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Bill Bonner

Bill Bonner

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Ian Smith

Dear Bill, re your mates cancer.
Just like we’re fed a load of nonsence about the economy, we are also treated the same when it comes to cancer. Go to http://www.cancerfungus.com and you will find an Italian oncologist who has been healing cancer for twenty years with bicarb soda! Now why isn’t that headline news.
Cheers; Natural Therapist from NZ

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