Make Detroit A Boom City; Sell It to China

“Everyone thinks Detroit is dead,” says Porter Stansberry. “But that’s only because the U.S. auto industry is bankrupt. It won’t be forever. And the endgame – a massive restructuring of Ford, GM, and Chrysler – is much closer than most people realise. Within five to 10 years, Americans will be making the best cars in the world again – at the best prices.

Investors who end up owning the Big Three’s assets (but not their liabilities) will make a fortune. And so will property investors in Detroit. It will be a city reborn.

We’re not so sure. Where’s Ctesiphon? Where is Mohenjo Daro? What happened to Timbuktu? Cities die. Sometimes they are never reborn. Industries disappear – forever, not just for 10 years.

But we have a suggestion. It is a big city…largely deserted. Well, what does China need? Cities…they’re building new ones at breakneck speed. And what does it have? Money. Lots of it. A Great Wall of Cash.

Can you put 2 and 2 together, dear reader? Sell Detroit to the Chinese. Give them a million green cards. Then Detroit will really boom.

And there’s a lot of precedent for this sort of thing. China, once a fading power, granted concessions to the rising European empires – Hong Kong to the British…Macao to the Portuguese. The Portuguese – when they were a rising power – also got a city on the coast of India…not to mention colonies in the New World and elsewhere.

Bill Bonner
Markets and Money

Bill Bonner

Bill Bonner

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