Google Finance Releases ASX & NZE Share Price Data

Google Finance is one of our favourite websites here at Markets and Money Australia headquarters in Melbourne.  Essentially anything you need to know about a U.S. & European shares can be found there: intra-day share price data, volume, company announcements, key statistics and managment information, not to mention some of the best charting and historical pricing information available to individual investors.

Google Finance just got better.  Last week Google added Australian (ASX) and New Zealand (NZE) share price data to the site.  Check it out here Qantas (ASX: QAN). 

Here is the official announcement from the Google Finance Blog:

“We’re pleased to announce the availability of pricing data for Australian (ASX) and New Zealand (NZX) listings on Google Finance. We’ve always had descriptive data and news for these listings — now we have all that plus intra-day market data and pretty charts. You can search for companies by name using the search box. Alternatively, you can search by ticker. For example, if you’d like to find the current price for stock in the Auckland International Airport, you can search for it by name, as AIA.NZ, or as NZE:AIA. Similarly, if you’d like to find the current price for stock in Billabong, you can search for it by name, as BBG.AX,or as ASX:BBG.”

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Thank you for pointing that out, I wouldn’t have come across it otherwise!


Thanks for the tip. This is long awaited, and a very timely alternative to Yahoo finance, which seems to have terminated its relationship with Aspect Huntley (I assume), as many of the links provided there no longer contain information.


Hi, thanks for this on Google Finance. It looks good.

I’m looking for a service/website that will email me when one of my portfolio companies make a market sensitive announcement. Do you know of anything like that?

Thanks, Roger

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