Invasion of Privacy In the Name of Security

Australia’s government is pushing a law that would force phone and Internet companies to keep your digital records for up to two years? True story.

Like any good law that is open to abuse and will erode privacy and liberty, it’s being done in the name of security. Attorney General Nicola Roxon even had the audacity to suggest the law would help prevent or prosecute future assassination attempts. She also assured those who are paranoid about loss of privacy that the data would generally be stored, not seen, and only be used to prevent or solve a crime.

Phew! Thank goodness. We were worried that that government might abuse its access to your personal phone records and Internet data records — records which are generally deleted by phone and Internet companies. It’s good to know the government would only ever mine that data to prevent a future crime or solve one already committed. We’ll go back to worrying about how North Melbourne can beat the West Coast on Sunday at Paterson’s Stadium.

Go the Kangas!

On second thought…we just can’t shake the feeling that whether the law passes or not, the government will find a way to store and browse your data anyway. We hope we’re wrong. And there are some encouraging signs.

Usually, at this point in the debate about living in a police state, some Neanderthal idiot will say that if you have nothing to hide then you shouldn’t be worried about the government having a look around. Only perverts, drug traffickers, terrorists, and underworld crime lords are worried about privacy, so that they can conceal their activity from justice, right?

If you live in a free society with the rule of law and limited government, you’re not obliged to prove to the government that you have nothing to hide. Under a constitution that strictly limits the powers of the State, you are free to exercise your liberty. The State has to prove to the courts that it has the right to search your possessions, seize your goods, detain your person, or otherwise make your life miserable through coercion.

If you want to live in a surveillance society where the State watches your every move, then you’ll love this law. If you trust people in power not to abuse their authority, you probably shouldn’t be reading this. But if you place any value on liberty and limited government, you’ll treat this proposal with the ridicule and contempt it so richly deserves. Take it seriously, but don’t take it lying down. In fact, we take it so seriously we’re actually going to do something about it. Stay tuned!


Dan Denning
for Markets and Money

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Hell yeah agree with you guys 100% – This kind of over zealous legislation is yet another step forward to 1984 – if we aren’t there already. I hope you guys come up with something big and bold to help bring some publicity to this issue, of which I think most people know or understand very little about. It has actually been over 2 years in the making, with Robert McClelland first quietly putting this proposal to ISP’s back in 2010. In fact so quietly that they had to sign some official doco to say they would not discuss it… Read more »
truth and integrity

One more law is armagedon.
Human beings have managed to constitute millions of contradictory laws that destroy man’s ability to be productive, put all important issues into secrecy except one’s integrity.
Moses gave us ten laws and Jesus just two.
Love god and love your neighbour.
Only the wise can know this.



Reverse Proxies – Those in the know don’t get recorded already :)

Only the fact we use an encrypted reverse proxy is recorded.

Do you have a mobile ‘phone Luke, you probably do, so you are already ‘tracked’. Heres what you do. Open the back of the ‘phone, take out the battery,(the next bit is tricky), remove the next layer of the ‘phone, try not to break anything, locate a small watch type battery with a connector, remove this and its cradle, it’s not needed. The watch type battery is a backup because when you turn the ‘phone off or remove the main battery it can, and does, transmit its, and your whereabouts. To be completely anonymous remove the sim card, main battery… Read more »
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