Nigel Farage on the Fall of Europe

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Nigel Farage never elicits a neutral reaction…ever. His brutally honest remarks inspire either love or hate — kind of like country music, calvados or the Kardashians.

Even here, inside the Markets and Money brain trust, Farage produces a spilt reaction. One of your editors thinks Farage is the cat’s meow; the other editor thinks he’s the cat’s litter box. So one thing is clear; neutrality is not an option.

Farage, leader of the UK Independent Party, is a very outspoken advocate of small-to-no government, which makes him a very outspoken critic of the European Union. Farage is not an anarchist, but he would like to see the European Union wither up and blow away so that the nations of Europe could reclaim their political and economic sovereignty.

Late last week, Farage sat down with Lauren Lyster, the witty and engaging anchor of Russian TV’s Capital Account, to discuss his anti-eurozone perspective. (One of your editor’s loved it; the other, not so much).

As they launch into the interview, Lyster notes that Farage’s comments and interviews often “go viral” on the Internet. The reason is obvious, she says. ‘There’s a bull market for the truth. There’s a bull market for getting past the B.S. and the rhetoric.’

Farage clearly delivers a perspective that ‘gets past the B.S.,’ but not without utilizing his own brand of rhetoric.

‘One of the ironies of the European project,’ Farage remarked last time we featured his comments in the Markets and Money, ‘is that this project that was set up to make us all love each other is actually beginning to make us hate each other… Far from Europe coming together, Europe is being torn apart and we are risking stirring up the very kind of nationalisms that the project was supposed to stop in the first place.’

This time around, Farage takes his scorn for the Eurozone and kicks it up a notch. ‘I think that anybody who looks at economics from a fundamental perspective is going to say, “This eurozone should never have been put together the way that it has been and that, frankly, it can’t last.” The only question is how long can the agony go on for.’

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truth and integrity
I did not think you were the extreme national independent patronizing parochial patriot that Farage is. The continued bashing of Europe by the US and UK is a laughable soap opera. The DR follow Austrian economics and this is where you should push for the truth. The US invented the derivative debacle and sold worthless paper money to Mediterranean countries. Farage complains about the IMF supporting these inflicted and duped countries when this is the only honest option for them to do. Remember the IMF is made up of 188 member countries. Farage talks about the dishonesty of the Euro… Read more »
Be fair ‘truth’, Nigel has said many times that he is doing himself out of a job by saying what he does. I agree with you that the UK is no longer the force it was in the world. But don’t blame the ‘dear old country’ for every thing, most of the toxic mess here was manufactured by Americans. The once ceo of Barclays Bank, up to his eyeballs in the Libor scandal, is a Yank and I beleive so is or was his number two. Do you really think that all the big American banks, (I know Barclay’s isn’t)… Read more »
The system is pushing uphill and the grade gets steeper every day. The last couple hundred years super government endeavour has set itself against the order of nature. We may fear the truth is subject to government or human institutions of all sorts however in fact the institutions are subject to the truth. One day, not sure when, there will be a catastrophic failure of this super government, monument to lies and deception like there always has been before. It was never affordable because the majority of labour would eventually be consumed maintaining the lie which defies the natural order… Read more »
truth and integrity

I agree shortchanged. It is primarily the US derivatives and abuse of their first amendment that is a world concern. This is the main point I made and it is upsetting that the British go along with the US too much. The British system of government is far more equitable and will prove to be; due to its monarchy, compassion for the under privileged, protestant heritage and concern for local residents and businesses.

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