The Latest Las Vegas Odds Say that Obama Will be the Next President

There is nothing like a national election to make you despair, sourly, of America’s future.

“Oh, I don’t like Obama,” said an American colleague on Friday. “He seems like a demagogue to me.”

The comment took us aback. It had never occurred to us that a candidate for president could be anything but a demagogue. Some are better at it than others, of course. But how could you hope to win the votes of the yahoos and cornballs without stirring their dull roots with the warm spring rain of patriotism, larceny, and the terrorist bugaboo?

“But Obama’s message is so empty… so vague… He promises ‘change.’ Who can choose a leader based on that kind of promise?”

As we’ve explained in these columns, change is the one thing almost no American wants. They’ve all got their little places at the beach staked out… heavily mortgaged, of course… and now they’re desperately afraid that someone – the Chinese, or the Arabs, or the Fed – is going to kick sand in their face.

Still they listen to Obama’s speechifying as they listen to music, without pay attention to the words. It gently lulls them, calms them, reassures them. They’re confident that Obama, if elected, will do what any of the others would do – try to prevent change at all cost.

The latest Las Vegas odds say that Obama will be the next president. All we know about the man is that he has Paul Volcker for an advisor, so he can’t be all bad. But what probably makes him more appealing then the other candidates is the very thing our colleague dislikes – the vagueness… the emptiness of his speeches… the hollowness of his remarks. Having said little; he has said little to annoy them.

Bill Bonner
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Bill Bonner

Bill Bonner

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They probably all feel the same as me. I live in SE Asia but my income is in USD. My take on McCain is that he will spend, spend, spend on the war, and bailout, bailout, bailout on everything else. With Obama we don’t know because nobody can hear what he says over the cheering crowds. And so we remain optimistic.

What do your Austrians have to say about that? Foolishness I suppose. Nice to hear about Volcker, I hadn’t realized he was involved.


It is interesting the Kevin Rudd got the nod to lead Australia with vague promises, and marketing slogans.

It is also interesting that it was a similar strategy utilised by Tony Blair to get into power, and it looks like Obama is the next.

Why look at substance when you can have style?

Robert W. Adams

Vague? There is no better example of vague than Reagan. He was vague throughout his career, including his eight-years as President. He still is admired.

Remember the news conferences when the press never took notes while Reagan answered questions. Afterwards, the White House staff would tell the press what Reagan meant. Reagan’s answers little resembled the story that was carried by the media.

Vague is a valuable political commodity with the public.


Michael said,

“Why look at substance when you can have style?”

I suppose all of that “substance” slung about by “w” just burned us out.

Michael Gutierrez
I reject the contention that Obama is vague. In my lifetime, there has been no candidate for the US Presidency that has been more clear and candid about their goals and plan as President. An anecdote: Obama has a website that allows every American to enter information that reflects their tax profile and shows what their tax savings would be under an Obama or McCain administration. According to Obama’s site my tax profile shows I will have no additional tax relief under either candidate. I find that honesty refreshing. As an American, I have seen corruption and scandal in US… Read more »
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