Orson Welles Channels Nostradamus

We sat at our computer this morning weighing up the brewing battle between private equity and energy for the soul of the market. Which will be the bigger story in 2007?

Then we recalled a television from the early 1980s that used to give us nightmares and may have had something to do with our propensity to see worst possible outcome in any given scenario. It was a film called “The Man Who Saw Tomorrow,” in which an inhumanly round Orson Welles, dressed all in black like a harbinger of the apocalypse, revealed the stunning predictions of Michel Nostradamus.

We Googled (GOOG) the film and found it on YouTube (GOOG) and have embedded below if you’d like to take a stroll down memory lane. In it, Welles spends most of his time masking his enormous girth behind a massive globe that looks suspiciously like a matzah ball in grave danger of being ravaged by a very hungry Citizen Kane. More on what year, precisely, the world ends below…

The Man Who Saw Tomorrow Pt 1
The Man Who Saw Tomorrow Pt 2

And lastly… a not so fond stroll down memory lane…