Phew! The Mayans Were Wrong

Dear Reader,

What do you know?

Unless something rather dramatic happens in the next few hours, the Mayans got it wrong.

The world will keep turning and we will keep reckoning in 2013.

Before that though, we’re continuing our tradition of reflection. Below you’ll find some of the more interesting predictions and postulations of 2012…a selection of musings from Dan Denning, Bill Bonner and the DR team.

Enjoy and see you in 2013!

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Simon Munton,
Assistant Publisher
Markets and Money

Bill Bonner’s 2012 Market Danger Zones: Were They Dangerous?
‘We’re just trying to figure out what we OUGHT to believe in order to end the coming year in the best possible situation,’ said Bill. Find out if his 2012 ‘bombs’ ended up going off here.

Was It the End of the Gold Bull in 2012?
Gold started 2012 around US$1,600 an ounce. At the time of typing it’s up around a hundred bucks. In this January essay Bill ruminates on whether or not gold was ‘washed up’. Was he right?

Australia’s Coming Income Disaster

Dan Denning gives a sneak peak at what things will look like when Australia’s terms of trade stops ‘riding the dragon’ here. And Greg Canavan shows what happens in 2013 after a full year of falling nation income here.

The Great Escape of the Blue Panda

46-year old Milanese tax attorney Salvatore Rossi and his wife Giulia make a break for the border. Find out if they made it here.

To the Class of 2012

‘You’ve spent – or your parents…or the taxpayers have spent – $150,000 on your education. And you’re retarded.’ Read Bill’s graduation speech, which he will never be invited to give.

Hitler’s Blackberry

Reader Mark W wrote in March: ‘Hi Dan, Loved your piece this morning about Hitler’s paranoia and the misplaced trust in machines. Could it be that the Money Power is doing the same, relying on ultra fast algorithms to do their bidding, as they now don’t trust the human aspect to judging a stocks’ value? Or is that just me being paranoid?’

Maybe. Maybe not

For the article Mark is referencing (and to learn all about Geheimschreiber) go here.

Hilarious Reasons Why We Need Government

‘Go back to sleep, citizen. Your government has everything under control.’ The late Bill Hicks is as right now as he was twenty years ago. Find out why here.

How Australia Grew Fat on the China Boom

Greg Canavan shows how the boom masked three structural flaws in the Aussie economy. Read his analysis here.

When Will the Great Correction End?

It’s been going on since the spring of 2007, when big lenders began going broke. That knocked out the housing industry…and the finance industry too. Wall Street started to go broke too, which is when the feds stepped in. They’ve been trying to stop it or fix it ever since. Will it ever end…and when? Bill gives his thoughts here.

Australia’s Banks at Risk to the Core

A crisis starts at the margin, with a peripheral player, and then moves its way up the food chain. Dan Denning shows why Aussie banks are on the menu in 2013 here.

Aussie Property Booming and Busting at the Same Time

It just goes to show how confused things are on the ground when property developers and recent homebuyers are struggling while the economic talking heads babble about a renewed Australian property boom. Welcome to a world full of monetary distortions. Greg explores it here.

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‘You’ve spent – or your parents…or the taxpayers have spent – $150,000 on your education. And you’re retarded.’

Without all the cynics we’d have far fewer laughs. Happy New Year to the DRA crew.

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