A Reckoner From Brisbane

And a note from a reader:

Hi! Guys

I have been reading your missives and other related sites for several years now. I tend to agree that like you we should all be flying the crash alert flag at full mast!

Personally I sold up my house (2002) and am currently renting a Brisbane inner city apartment. Based on what the current owner thinks his place is worth I reckon he is getting around a 2% return. However; that’s his problem.

As long as the barbarous relic I now hold instead of my home beats the 2% plus around the 10% for inflation I may emerge from the future crash standing on two feet!

I notice that you guys often suggest holding, gold and gold shares. I don’t know what happened in the USA back in 1987, however, if one of your news hounds cares to do a little research you will find that back in those dark stomach churning days the price of gold actually went up.

Have a look at how the down draft hit not only the general market but clobbered the gold miners in Australia also!

I know many people are looking for gold shares to enjoy a multiple rise with the inevitable rise of the gold price.

Perhaps they will see this; however, maybe this is a good time for us all to remember that this is a safety and survival issue first and foremost!!!

Very best regards:

A DR Reader in Brisbane


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A DR Reader in Auckland
A DR Reader in Auckland

In the comment by “A DR Reader in Brisbane” quote as follows; “Have a look at how the down draft hit not only the general market but clobbered the gold miners in Australia also!” – does this interpret to read that gold mining shares in Australia took a pounding along with all other shares during that “1987” period?

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