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Will the Fed Sink Donald Trump?
Will the Fed Sink Donald Trump?
Good jobs numbers are supposed to encourage the Fed to ‘tighten’ — that is, raise interest rates. This would further strengthen the dollar…and push Treasury yields higher.
Donald Trump’s Advice to Investors…
Donald Trump’s Advice to Investors…
What does Donald Trump think about the stock market? Investors, are ‘being forced into an inflated stock market and at some point they’re going to get wiped out… We’re in a bubble right now.’
banking restrictions eased in the US
Why Trump Is Easing Banking Restrictions
Donald Trump campaigned to become US President on conflicting promises about big banks. Some of the populist talk followed Trump into office. But clearly, actions speak louder than words. The steps taken by the new government have been towards pure deregulation. This is how the cycle repeats.
Trump economic policies will turn to big losses for US
Trump’s Short-Term Economic Policies Will Result in Huge Losses
These policies do nothing to alleviate any of these problems. In fact, they exacerbate them by putting pressure on future governments to cut spending. There’s a strong chance that the US will never pay their debts back. In the past the only two ways a country would get out of such a mess is by strongly devaluing their currency. Such a move would end the US’s economic dominance.
Trump Twitter
Is Trump a Genius?
Most public figures are, at least in part, scoundrels. It would be an amazing thing — especially in America — if Mr Trump were an exception. He’s part of what makes it such a pleasure to be an American. The show never ends…
US in crisis
Trump Can’t Stop America from Going Broke
As a result, the US empire is headed to bankruptcy…or to Hell. It would take a remarkably talented and determined leader to alter the direction of the march. Donald J Trump will not do that job; instead, he busies himself on Twitter to keep his fans distracted.