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In Praise of Sarah Palin…
In Praise of Sarah Palin…
The Dow dropped 208 points yesterday — or about 1.3%. After last week’s pause, it will be interesting to see if the selloff resumes.
Ding Dong…The Witch Ain’t Dead
Ding Dong…The Witch Ain’t Dead
Oh, Dear Reader, imagine our alarm! Feel our pain! When we left the office on Friday… the federal government was just hours from shutting down! We crossed our fingers… and dreamt of Eden. By Sunday afternoon, you can imagine our disappointment. Everything was as before. Ding dong, the witch was not dead.
US economy is a swamp that cannot be drained
History Proves It — You Can’t Drain the Swamp
The rich get richer. And richer. And richer. The Swamp gets deeper. And deeper. And deeper. Then, suddenly, a ‘levelling’ comes along — plague, war, revolution… or the collapse of government. Then, people are much more equal in income… but usually, much more dead, too.
the fed
How the Fed Pulled Off History’s Greatest Larceny
Why does the Fed go along? Why do these economists aid and abet the larceny? We’ve already explained it: All of these foul notions — stimulus…data dependence…demand management — are simply activist claptrap. They allow a smart economist to sound like he knows what he is doing. But they are all nonsense.
GOP tax bill
The GOP Tax Bill Is a Deep State Scam
With Mr Trump in the White House…Congress in session…the ‘Eye in the Sky’ of 17 spook organisations…three generals at Mr Trump’s right hand…and Janet Yellen and her merry band of crack economists on his left...what’s to worry about?