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Trump Has Gone ‘Full Deep State’
House conservatives were hoping to use the coming debate to focus attention on what they see as runaway spending, boondoggles, and excess US debt. So you can imagine their disappointment when it came out on Wednesday that the president had stabbed them in the back.
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The One Promise Trump Can Keep
Mr Trump has already given up his America First foreign policy pledge. Next, he will turn over tax reform and monetary policy to the Goldman Group — led by Cohn and Mnuchin. That will leave him with only one wall left: trade policy.
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Bannon Is Right: The Trump Presidency Is Over
Donald J Trump promised to pull the plug. But he couldn’t even if he wanted to. And now his decisions are Oval Office decisions…that is to say, those that suit the Deep State. He cannot drain the swamp; he is now a part of it.
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Trump Takes a Beating
In professional wrestling, scriptwriters always include what they call a ‘Holy Sh*t!’ moment. Donald J Trump, a wrasslin’ fan, took a ‘Holy Sh*t!’ blow on Tuesday.
Trump Is No Outsider
Trump Is No Outsider
Negative interest rates, flat earnings, soaring stocks, and Donals Trump’s election all share the same sordid provenance.
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Is Trump a Modern Caesar?
Meanwhile, Newt Gingrich, another Trump supporter, took up the parallel, explaining that his man was being stabbed in the back by Deep State insiders.
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‘The Donald’ at Bat
If ‘The Donald’ were to propose real reform, it would bring the whole Deep State down on his head with a ferocity never before seen in American politics.