Make Way for the Petroyuan

China is also looking to promote the Yuan around the world to become more prominent in international trade. This is a very big deal. Especially as it is coming at a time when there are…

Kooks, Cranks and Currencies

Arguably, central banks aren’t known for being early adopters of tech. So the fact that they are investigating cryptocurrencies less than seven years after their creation is rather forward-thinking by their standards.

A Black Day in Monetary History

This new system created on this day 45 years ago, money is gotten sweat-free, in the air-conditioned towers of the big banks… …and used by the ‘Parasitocracy’ to rule the nation.

The Golden Chameleon

At times, gold behaves like a commodity. It tracks the ups and downs of commodity indices. At other times, gold is viewed as a safe haven investment.

Markets & Money