US Federal Reserve

Why Social Security Must Fail

A headline from The Wall Street Journal: ‘Social Security Expected to Dip Into Its Reserves This Year’. What reserves? Ah…the ‘Trust Fund’. But what’s in the trust fund? What else? US Treasuries.

Make Way for the Petroyuan

China is also looking to promote the Yuan around the world to become more prominent in international trade. This is a very big deal. Especially as it is coming at a time when there are…

Just Follow the Money

In following the money, we find the wealth created in recent years has been nothing more than an illusion. This illusion can only be maintained if ever more money is printed…making the world’s newest and…

Fed Will Blink

Hey, no problem…says the Fed. There is plenty of this fake money for everyone. Now the central bank can conjure up credit money — out of nowhere!

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