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As you read this, Australia is riding high.

We’ve survived the biggest commodity super-cycle in our history pretty much unscathed. We are a vastly richer country now than we were in 1991.

On 1 April, we inherited the mantle of having the strongest economic performance in world history.

At the same time, stock markets are at record-highs, just like in 2007.

Bloomberg reported that hedge-fund liquidity is at an all-time low. The last time it did that was four months prior to the 2007 crash.

The Volatility Index, which shows how fearful traders are about the future, is flat-lining. It’s at the same level that it was in 2007.

According to one of my editor’s, Vern Gowdie, we are very close to 2007 territory. 

Only, there are two key differences:

According to Vern, what’s about to happen, on a global level, will dwarf what happened in 2008.

And, while Aussie investors got off quite lightly during the Global Financial Crisis, Vern believes this next one will bring our nation to its knees

As Vern demonstrates clearly in this shocking research report, we are nearing…or have already reached…‘Peak Australia’.

It saddens us to issue this stark warning to you today.

But, if you live in Australia, this warning  could impact you.

If you have children or grandchildren trying to get a start in life, it could impact them.

If you are a businessperson, a manager, self-employed, an employee at a company, or even if you’re retired, this could impact you.

Put simply, Vern Gowdie believes a new financial crisis is coming.

And, unlike the last GFC, this one is going to hit Australia like a freight train.

I know what you may be thinking: ‘Australia just dodged a recession. And the economy has rebounded strongly. The trouble is over, isn’t it?’

As Vern explains here , it’s a terrible mistake to think that way.

The Australian economy is nowhere near as rosy as Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull makes out.

At the same time our economy was ‘growing’, the household savings ratio fell from 6.3% to 5.2%. Households were raiding the piggy bank to spend for Christmas.

The last time the savings ratio was at this level was back in the third quarter of 2008…the same quarter that saw the collapse of Lehman Brothers.

At the same time as the wonderful GDP news, the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) issued a warning…

A ‘significant’ rout in Australian house prices could be imminent:

House prices and household debt have reached unprecedented highs,’ the report said.

A continued rise of the market, fuelled by both investor and owner-occupier demand, may end in a significant downward correction that spreads to the rest of the economy.

But, you know what, reader?

Worrying as that is, this warning  has nothing to do with that.

It has nothing to do with record-high stock markets.

Or Australians being mortgaged to the hilt. Or China and commodity prices.

It has to do with a specific and local event. One that Vern thought might’ve been at least a few more years into Australia’s future, but which he now believes is imminent.

And it’s an event which could bring about a grinding halt to the way of life you’ve grown accustomed to.

This looming crisis — which Vern calls a ‘Long Bust’ — is related to the mining boom ending…and to the Global Financial Crisis that central bankers such as Dr Alan Greenspan (more on him in a moment) created with their easy-money policies…but it is infinitely more dangerous to Australians than both of them combined.

And, unlike most of the things we publish here at Port Phillip Publishing, this warning expands beyond the realms of investing.

If you are retired, approaching retirement, or even planning ahead long-term for retirement, you need to hear what Vern Gowdie has to say.

A new financial crisis is coming.

Like 2008, it could be global.

Unlike 2008, it could hammer every aspect of the Australian economy and society.

Vern explains this views on this crisis and all the details in a new book. It’s called…

The End of Australia: The Real Story Behind Australias Coming Economic Collapse and What You Can Do to Survive It

A rather bleak title, I know.

And one that flies in the face of what much of the media is saying right now.

According to the press, it’s a wonderful time to be an Aussie!

Our economy has had a ‘stellar bounce-back’.

Exports up. Profits up. Household spending up.

And just look at the stock market!

Vern has written this book to show you that, contrary to what the media is telling you right now, Australia’s economy is NOT OK.

Description: TGL TGL The End of Australia IIWe may be close to breaking the Netherlands’ record of modern-era uninterrupted economic growth.

But we are ALSO on the cusp of a record-breaking bust.

We are a wonderful nation filled with great people.

However, we’ve allowed ourselves to be seduced by the idea that we are somehow a ‘special case’ when it comes to our economy.

Google ‘Australian economy’ right now and see what results you get! 

This chart, however, is MUCH harder to dig up…

Source: Australian Debt Clock

Australia’s total debt — public, private and corporate — at the start of 2016 was nearly $6 trillion.

Currently, our total debt is estimated to be $6.2 trillion…an increase of $200 billion in 12 months.

Going a further $200 billion into the red is what ‘bought’ us our recent growth. It’s now taking $5 of debt to produce $1 of GDP ‘growth’.

For decades, we’ve lived beyond our means, courtesy of a financial system offering all sorts of credit facilities — home loans, credit cards, payday lending, and 48-month interest free financing. 

It was one hell of an indulgent party — McMansions, new cars, holidays, furniture packages, the latest electronics, white goods, luxury goods, the latest fashions, and dinners out. 

And the party’s still raging!

But all good things must end...

We keep getting called the ‘Lucky Country’.

And yet:

  • We have the lowest wages growth in 20 years. 
  • Part-time employment is increasing. 
  • Australia has the dubious honour of having the most-indebted private sector (as a percentage of GDP) in the world. 
  • Our government is bleeding red ink due to health and welfare expenses outstripping tax receipts. 
  • And Sydney and Melbourne are now among the most expensive cities in the world to live in.

Our luck is coming to an end.

Vern’s new book charts what he believes this ending will look like.

And how to prepare for it when it comes.

Will you act now to protect yourself and your family from the enormous correction — which Vern calls The Long Bust — that he sees coming for this country?

I hope so. That’s why I’m publishing The End of Australia.

It outlines the steps that Vern believes are necessary to protect yourself and your family. Because Vern makes a compelling argument that this crisis is now inevitable.

But the important thing is that you still have a small amount of time to get ready.

…While the means of saving yourself are still cheap, and legal. 

To find out if you’re eligible and learn more about The End of Australia: The Real Story Behind Australia’s Coming Economic Collapse and What You Can Do to Survive Itclick here.

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Kris Sayce

Publisher, Markets and Money Australia