What’s Happening to Monash IVF Group Ltd’s Share Price?

What does Monash IVF Group Ltd do?

Monash IVF Group Ltd [ASX:MVF] provide assisted reproductive services, most commonly done through in vitro fertilisation (IVF). The company also provides women’s imaging and diagnostics.

What’s happening to drive the MVF share price?

The Monash IVF share price is continuing to find higher levels of price support since it made a major low back in August 2015. Since that 2015 low, shares have gained more than 145%. For the share price to gain as it has, the company must be growing revenues — which it is. The company released their half-yearly results on 26 February, showing that net profit was up 27%.

The driving force behind that is the increase in the use of their services, which has seen patient treatments grow strongly.

What now for Monash IVF Group Ltd?

The company posted strong first-half results back in February; since then, the share price has found higher levels of support, which tells you what you need to know in regards to the direction of future revenues.

Looking at a longer term macro trend, the use of assisted reproductive services should grow into the future. Women’s workforce participation rates are increasing; women are delaying childbirth in some instances to focus on careers. The trend is for women to delay having children, which increases the chances of infertility — and the need for assisted reproductive services.

You could put MVF in your watchlist as one to follow.

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